What is etailPR?

etailPR is a network of over 20,000 bloggers worldwide. We have the biggest blogger network in Europe. We work together as a blogging community sharing Blogger Tips and working with some of the best fashion and beauty brands providing bloggers with great opportunities. It’s FREE to sign up and starting work with us.

How do I join?

Please click here to sign up to our blogger network. Fill in as much information as you can to help us connect you with the right brands for your blog. Once you have applied, your application will be reviewed and you will receive an email with your login details, if your application has been approved.

What opportunities will I have to work with brands?

At etailPR we run various types of campaigns that can benefit your blog in various ways. We run sample campaigns where bloggers receive free samples in exchange for a blog post or review, and we also run lead generation and click campaigns where you can earn money by hosting a banner or link on your blog. There is also the opportunity to take part in paid-posts that are organised between brands and individual bloggers.

What brands will I get to work with?

We are constantly changing our brands on the network, adding new opportunities and listening to your feedback. We work primarily with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands although there may be opportunities in other sectors too! We like to keep the choice exciting and fresh but we also have brands who have been with us throughout our long journey. If you have any suggestions for brands you would like to see on the network why not give us a Tweet?

How do I know what brands are suitable for me?

The network will show you which campaigns and brands you are eligible for automatically. Each brand has a set of criteria for the type of bloggers they are looking for. The campaigns you are eligible for will show up in your dashboard under ‘Eligible Campaigns’. If you are interested in these campaigns, click on the campaign and hit ‘Apply’.

How can I improve my blog?

We are always updating our blog, Twitter and Instagram with Blogger Tips. We also reproduce these in our Blogger Tips section that is on your profile homepage when logged into the network so they are all collated in the same place for ease of access! If you would like to write a piece for our Blogger Tips then email: digitalpr@etailpr.com

I’m a new blogger can I work with brands?

We aim to provide opportunities to all bloggers regardless of size and there are many different ways our bloggers can work with brands. Each campaign will have its own criteria and your dashboard will only display to you those campaigns that you are eligible for. If you want to get onto more campaigns, follow our Blogger Tips that are found on the network and on our blog. These can help you gain more followers and meet different brands criteria!

What criteria are campaigns organised by?

Example of campaign criterias:
  • Certain number of minimum followers on one platform (eg. Blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc)
  • Location (eg. UK/EU/US/Worldwide)
  • High quality photography
  • Blogger’s style suits brands style
  • Must have complete profile (Address, Blog URL, Last Name, Telephone)
  • Must have etailPR badge on blog
  • Blogger should be friendly, positive and professional to work with.

How do I earn money?

Bloggers can earn money through taking part in lead generation and click campaigns. These campaigns are very easy for both big and small bloggers to do them. We also sometimes offer the opportunity to take part in sponsored posts.

Signing up

How do I sign up?

Click here to sign up and fill in your details in order to become part of the etailPR network.

What information do I have to provide and why?

In order to sign up to etailPR, you need to provide us with your name, address, telephone number, email address and blog URL as standard. We also require that you fill out your social media links and number of followers. This is so we can match you to the campaigns you are eligible for allowing for you to reap the best benefits of working with us. The more information you provide in the initial ‘Sign Up’ form – the better!

how to find out number of followers.

If you use ‘Wordpress’
  • Log into your blog and click on the My Sites tab in the header. This will show the stats for your primary site.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of your stats page until you see the module titled Followers.
  • There, you’ll see the total number of WordPress.com followers
If you use ‘Blogger’ If you do not have the Followers Gadget enabled:
  • Login to your blogger account
  • Click the "Design" link on your main page after logging in.
  • Click the "Page Elements" tab to expand it and access the gadget customization section. Click the "Add a Gadget" button to bring up Blogger's gadget browser.
  • Locate the gadget named "Followers" and click the "+" sign next to it to add it to your blog.
  • Navigate to your blog's page and locate the "Followers" widget along the sidebar. Above the pictures of followers, the widget will read, "Followers (#)," with the number of followers of your blog in parentheses.
If you do have the Followers Gadget you will be able to read the number of followers from the widget in your blog. If you use ‘Bloglovin’
  • Go to your blog page and read the number of followers from the widget in your blog.
If you use ‘YouTube’
  • The number of followers appears on your YouTube Page underneath the subscribe button on the right hand side.
If you do not have a blog page. Please write your highest social stat.

how to find out monthly visits

If you use ‘Wordpress’
  • Log into your blog
  • Go to Stats
  • Hover over a day, week, or month in the chart to see how many views and unique visitors you have had.
If you use ‘Blogger’
  • Log into your blog
  • Go to Stats
  • Record the number next to ‘Pageviews last month’
If you use ‘YouTube’
  • Log into your YouTube
  • Click on a video that has been up for roughly 1 month.
  • Record the amount of views this has had

If you do not have a blog page.

Please write your average amounts of retweets/favourites/likes on Twitter/Instagram. (Choose whichever is the highest number)

To work this out, add up 7 consecutive days worth of retweets/favourites/likes on Twitter/Instagram and divide by the number of posts there are.

What is page ranking?

PageRank is what Google uses to determine the importance of a web page. It's one of many factors used to determine which pages appear in search results.

How do I find out my page ranking?

  • Click here
  • Enter your domain name into the box, and fill out the CAPTCHA
  • Click ‘Check Domain’
  • Page rank appears first in the form [0/10]

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a measure of the power of a domain name and is one of many search engine ranking factors.

How do I find out my DA?

  • Click here
  • Enter your domain name into the box, and fill out the CAPTCHA
  • Click ‘Check Domain’
  • Domain Authority appears first in the form [0/10]

Why has my application to etailPR been declined?

There are various reasons that your blog may have been declined from the network.
  • Not enough followers (min. of 500 followers required on one platform)
  • Missing or broken social media links
  • Inappropriate blog or social media content
  • Impolite or unprofessional manner
Please check the list thoroughly and if you don’t believe any of these factors apply to your blog please email digitalpr@etailpr.com and someone will investigate further why your application was declined.

Sample Campaign Questions

What is a Sample Campaign?

what is a sample campaign

A sample campaign is where brands gift bloggers free products in exchange for a blog post and promotion on social media channels. Sample campaigns happen on the 25th of every month and bloggers have approximately 7 days to make their choices. choices. NB. If the 25th falls on a weekend, the sample campaign will begin the Friday before.

You write your blog post after you have received your sample from the brand. You can apply for as many brands as you like, as long as you meet the criteria.

How do I apply for a campaign?

Applying for a Campaign

Log into the network and you will see all your "Eligible Campaigns" on your dashboard. Each campaign has an icon that lets you know what type of campaign it is. An ‘S’ means that it is a sample campaign. Click on the Sample Campaign you wish to apply for and hit ‘Apply’. We will then process your application manually before you can go on to choose samples. You may not always be accepted onto a campaign despite being eligible for it in terms of the basic criteria.

This could be because of the following reasons:
  • Your blog does not feature the etailPR approved badge
  • Broken social media links
  • Photography quality is not high enoughe
  • Your blog style doesn’t suit the brand
  • Blog or social media content is inappropriate
  • Blogger has impolite or unprofessional manner
  • Incomplete blogger profile – no postcode, no address, no telephone number

How do I request a sample?

Make 3 Sample Requests

If you have been accepted onto a campaign this means that when samples go live you will be able to apply for them! However, just because you are on the campaign, does not mean you are guaranteed a sample as the brands can only give out a certain number of samples per month.

Keep an eye out on our Twitter pages to see when samples are live, generally this is on the 25th of every month.

When samples are live, log into the network and make your requests. You will be asked to make 3 choices and put them in order of preference. You will only receive 1 of these samples but as items can go out of stock/become unavailable we ask all bloggers to make 3 sample requests.

Now you must wait, we process every single application for campaigns and samples manually so these can take up to 1 week from samples closing date to accept or decline.

What next?

If you are accepted for a sample then congratulations! Your sample will soon be on its way! Scroll down to read more about Delivery, Receiving your sample and Writing your post!

If unfortunately on this occasion you were declined from receiving a sample do not worry! There is always next month and we love to give all our bloggers a fair shot, therefore we don’t give samples from the same brands out to the same bloggers two months in a row!


Delivery We estimate that it takes 10 working days from the day of your sample accept email for samples to reach bloggers in the UK, however sometimes there are delays. It can take up to 21 days outside the UK. If you have not received your item wherever you live within 21 working days of order let us know.

Receive It!

Recieve It! Tweet us or tag us on Instagram etailPR to let us know when you receive your sample. Include a photo too if you like!

Write Your Post!

Write your Post! Once you have your sample, write your blog post!

Each sample will have certain criteria for the blog post that is outlined on the network description of the campaign. However at etailPR there are a few things we expect as a minimum from all of our blog posts:

  • At least 300 words of content
  • Minimum of 3 clear, high quality photos of the product
  • Minimum of 3 links to product, brand or etailPR
  • Use of tracked links which can be found in the network description of the campaign

Posts must be completed within two weeks of receiving the sample (we have tracking of all parcels so do not worry if you do not receive your sample for the full 21 days if you reside outside of the UK for example)

Share it!

Share It!

Promote your post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Lookbook and everywhere you can shout about it. Also comment on your brand’s social media platforms to say “thanks” and tell them how much you love it!

60 days after you have posted your item and included your tracking link you can apply for the campaign again and request a new sample. You cannot apply for a new sample until you have posted your current one.

Why might I be declined?

Why Might I be Declined Bloggers often get disappointed when they are not accepted onto Sample Campaigns, or when their sample requests are declined. Unfortunately with 20,000 bloggers on our network not everyone can be accepted.

Here are some of the top reasons why bloggers might be declined or have their sample requests decline:

  • Sample quota has been reached
  • Photography quality was not high enough
  • Not fashion focused
  • Blogger’s style didn’t suit the brands
  • Does not feature etailPR logo on blog
  • Blogger has impolite or unprofessional manner
  • Incomplete blogger profile – no postcode, no address, no telephone number

Faulty sample

If you have received a sample and you find it is faulty in any way, please contact us immediately at digitalpr@etailpr.com and we will try to rectify the situation by speaking to the brand directly on your behalf.

Sample does not fit

If you receive a sample that does not fit, please contact us immediately at digitalpr@etailpr.com where we can try and get you another sample in the correct size.

Sample does not suit me

Any sample that does not suit you or is not suitable for your blog needs to be used as a prize for a brand giveaway. Please email digitalpr@etailpr.com and let us know you would like to run one.

I haven’t received my sample. What should I do?

We are sorry you have not received your sample yet. Please remember that from the day you received your dispatch email it can take up to 21 working days for UK and international deliveries. If you have not received it after this time please email digitalpr@etailpr.com

My sample request hasn’t been accepted or declined should I re-choose?

You should only make one selection of sample requests per brand per month, if you choose more it means we have more applications to process. As we process over 500 monthly samples in 5 days, so it can take time to receive your accepted/declined email.

How long do I have to write my blog post?

You have 2 weeks from when you receive your sample to post. We understand you may be busy, however these are not freebies. Brands are exchanging a sample for a blog post.

Help! I cannot complete my blog post in the 2 week period!

If in unexpected circumstances you cannot complete your blog post, then please drop us an email at digitalpr@etailpr.com. If we know that your post is arriving a little later then we can avoid sending you chase emails!

When can I have another sample from the brand?

One month after you last had one. So if you receive a sample in June, you can have another sample in August. You won’t be able to have a sample in July from the same brand.

Why did I get declined from the campaign?

Unfortunately not all our bloggers can make it on to every campaign. There are many reasons blogger may be declined from campaigns:
  • The brand criteria requires a certain number of followers on a certain platform
  • Photography quality was not high enough
  • Blogger’s style didn’t suit the brands
  • Incomplete blogger profile – no postcode, no address, no telephone number.
  • Does not feature etailPR logo on blog.

I was accepted on to the campaign, but my sample request was declined?

Being accepted onto a campaign does not guarantee your sample requests will be approved. Sample requests can be declined if:
  • Too many bloggers have requested the same item
  • The brand has reached its gifting quota for this sample session.
  • Blogger’s style didn’t suit the brands
  • Photography quality was not high enough
If you have been unsuccessful this time, don’t worry; you can apply again next month!

Can I apply for more than 1 brand at a time?

Yes, as long as you meet the criteria you can apply for as many brands as you like. We even encourage it!

Why are campaigns only once a month?

This gives you a chance to post and the brand a chance to offer exciting new samples. Though keep an eye out as we often offer exciting opportunities throughout the month, sometimes even extending campaigns. The etailPR newsletter will keep you updated so make sure you have subscribed.

I missed the deadline can I choose now for next month

Sorry but no. The stock that appears in the sample selection changes just before the campaign goes live to the latest stock. All requests made before the campaign goes live are deleted.

Can I apply before the samples go “live”

You can apply for the campaign, but not the samples. You will have to wait for the 25th to apply for samples for the month as these are updated and changed monthly.

Do sample requests have to go through the network? OR can I just email them in?

Yes they must go through the network, all sample requests emailed in are not processed. (Unless a team member has asked you specially to email them)

I was declined for a brand, when can I reapply for the campaign?

Declined campaigns are reset every 3 months so if you were declined on a campaign previously you should be able to reapply after 3 months. If you are just declined for samples however, you can reapply every month for these!

Paid Campaign Questions

What type of paid campaigns are there?

There are lots of different opportunities to make money on the etailPR network. Paid campaigns can be CPC, CPA, Lead Generation or Paid Post Campaigns.

What is a CPC/CPA campaign?

A CPC campaign is where you host a special banner or a link on your website and you are paid a certain amount for every click that banner or link gets. A CPA campaign is where you receive a certain amount for every sale that banner or link makes.

What is a lead generation campaign?

A lead generation campaign is where you host a special banner or a link that allows people to sign up to a mailing list, for example, for a newsletter or for an online club. You will receive a certain amount per unique email provided.

What are paid posts?

Paid posts are generally for bloggers with a following of 10,000+. If we have paid post opportunities we will often get in touch with you or there will be a special place on the network to apply!

When do I get paid?

Payments are made a month in arrears for completed campaigns and blog posts by the last day of the following calendar month. For example, if a blog post is completed on the 25th of Jan then payment will be made by the last day of Feb. This is usually on the last Friday of the month.

In some cases to be paid we will require you invoice us via PayPal for your work. This must be received by the 14th of each month you require payment.

There is a minimum threshold for payment of £20. This is a total across all campaigns, so if for example you have £10 in your account then you are half way to getting paid. Just log in to the network and look for our other exciting paid opportunities. If you have not yet earned £20 then you will not be paid.

Your PayPal detail must be correct and up-to-date. If your PayPal details are not correct and amended by the 14th then you will not be paid until the following month. We should note, we only pay via PayPal for your protection.

Why has my money gone down?

The money at the top shows the money you have earned in the last 30 days only. If you want to view your total earns they will be in Quick Stats under Commission - Unpaid- Sales. This total may have also reduced if for any reason your leads/clicks are deemed to be fraudulent.

What are Approved and Declined clicks and leads?

All blogger payments are subject to checks for fraudulent clicks and leads. Once all leads are check for authenticity bloggers are paid the correct amount, if your commission earned has gone done it is because fraudulent leads were found. Fraudulent leads may be the same email address entered multiple times, or a person from the same computer entering email different addresses in a short space of time from the same machine. This stops anyone entering fake email address to make money. etailPR reserve the right to decline any leads or clicks they deem to be fraudulent.

Do I have to put a banner on my blog for lead generation?

No. You don’t have to put a banner on your blog in order to take part. We advise bloggers do as it generates more money if you do, but it is not essential. You must however have a tracked link as a minimum.

How can I make the most of CPC/CPA campaigns?

When you have been accepted to a CPC/CPA campaign you will be given advice on the best way to make the most of your paid opportunity!

Do etailPR take a cut of my earnings?

Nope. Everything a blogger earns is 100% their own, after it’s been checked through to make sure there are no duplicates they keep all the money

Technical Queries

Login problems! Help!

There may be situations from time where you may not be able to login. If you send us an email to digitalpr@etailpr.com with “Login Issues” we can manually reset it. (Manual resets can take a few days to process)

I can’t submit my blog post

Oops! With over 20,000 bloggers on the network, sometimes we have technical glitches. If you experience any difficulties, let us know by emailing us and if you can’t submit your blog post, please email it to: digitalpr@etailpr.com.

My banners don’t show up!

If you have entered your banners on your blog and you can’t see them, this is because you will have an ad blocker on your computer. Banners are a type of advert so if your banners don’t show it’s because of your ad blocker. Turn off your ad blocker to see your banners.

What is a tracking link and where can I find it?

Your tracking link verifies your blog posts, which feature your sample request or completion entry.

Your tracking links will be found in the Campaign Banner section when you have been approved onto that campaign. Without a tracked link your competition entry will not be processed and/or you blog post will not be verified and you will not be allowed future samples. You enter the tracking link the same way you would a hyper link anywhere on the blog post.

How do I change my personal information?

To change your personal details such as; your password, email address, blog link, address, phone number etc., please login to your account and click on the ‘My Profile’ tab on the left hand side. Then click on ‘Personal Details’ and make your changes.

Please note. If you have a change of address and you have applied for samples without informing of this change prior to your selections, we are unable to change the address the samples will get delivered to, and we will be unable to reimburse you for this.

Do I have to have a Blog to join?

We welcome influencers of any types. Some of our campaigns require a blog post or vlog, however, if you have a large amount of Twitter or Instagram followers there are many other campaigns you will be appropriate for.

How do I add my ‘Approved Blogger’ banner?

Once your application has been approved, you can login and access your banner! Once logged in to your account you can access the ‘etail approved blogger’ banners in the ‘Promotion’ tab, then click banners and links. You need to copy and paste the HTML code for your banner of choice into a HTML widget in the sidebar of your blog.

How can I cancel my account on the network?

We hope you never want to leave us but if for some reason you find you do not need your account anymore. Please contact digitalpr@etailpr.com for us to be able to discuss any issues, receive feedback, and manually delete your account.

How to unsubscribe from emails

We may send many emails but they all contain great information! Our newsletters have competitions and new opportunities in them and we like to inform you about new opportunities in Launch emails too. If you unsubscribe from these emails you may not know what is available to you, however it is simple to unsubscribe from these emails, you just click ‘Unsubscribe’ at the bottom of these emails.

Other Questions

How long does it take to reply to emails?

While we would love to reply to every blogger email personally, with over 20,000 bloggers on the network there is not enough time in the day. It can take up to 7 working days for emails to be answered personally. We advise bloggers read our newsletters and FAQ page before emailing.

Once I’ve joined do I have to blog about etailPR?

It’s not essential but we would love it if you could spread the word to your blogging friends! We do host competitions that sometimes require writing a blog post, but we will inform you of this when the competitions are running and they’re not compulsory.

Will I lose the personal touch of my blog if I sign up?

No, we understand the importance of keeping your blog personal and reflecting you. We ask that you write about any samples you may receive in your own words, using your personal opinions. You can request to work with as many or as little brands as you’d like through our network, so keeping your blog how you like it is easy!

What makes etailPR different?

The etailPR team have extensive experience with blogs, both through work and personal life, so we feel we understand how bloggers think, work and what they’d like to achieve. etailPR want to build relationships between bloggers and brands, making sure that both sides are receiving benefits and are happy. If you ever have any worries, questions or queries, please get in touch and we will be happy to help!

Will I still be able to work with other brands not related to etailPR?

Yes, we won’t make you commit to only working with our brands.

Do you have any intern opportunities?

We love having interns at etailPR HQ and they are integral to our team. If you are interested in becoming an intern please email digitalpr@etailpr.com with your CV and covering letter.